A Bar Mitzvah is more than a milestone to pass; it is a time to recognize what it means to be a Jewish man and the responsibilities we have to ourselves, our heritage, mankind, and creation. This is a Jewish Discovery Experience where Bar Mitzvah boys will learn about the deeper meaning of becoming a Bar Mitzvah, the Thirteen Principles of Faith, a better understanding of the Torah and Haftorah, Jewish leaders, and the Mitzvot connected to Bar Mitzvah (Tefillin and Tallit), as well as Ahavat Yisroel – responsibility to others.


Students will enjoy a combination of learning and fun through regular meetings, interactive discussion groups on various Jewish topics, activities, and projects. At Chabad, we take a unique approach to Bar Mitzvah, regardless of where the celebration and service have taken place or will take place. Our emphasis is to create a holistic experience and to foster an awareness that Bar Mitzvah should be seen as the beginning of a Jewish future, not the end!


The Bar Mitzvah eXperience will begin in September 2024 with monthly meet-ups throughout the school year. The program is geared for boys aged 12-13.


This program is independent of preparing for the Bar Mitzvah boy’s individual ceremony/service, whether it will be (or has been) with Chabad or elsewhere. To explore preparing a unique Bar Mitzvah ceremony with Chabad, please contact us, and together we will create a personalized approach.